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215 E. Front Street Pemberville, OH 43450

Who We Are

Bob & Elaine Frobose have been owners of Frobose Meat Locker since 1999.    At the time, Bob had over 30 years of experience in the meat business. Most recently he was the meat supervisor for 10 stores in a tri-state area for Miller’s Markets based in LaGrange, Indiana.

Family Owned

Bob and I were both raised on family farms in Wood County.  Bob had experience at a young age raising cattle, hogs, and chickens.  Our children have had the same experience.

FML is a family-owned and -operated business.  Bob and I, our sons, Ben, Jacob, and Zach, and daughter Abby all work at our business in one way or another.  We raise our own cattle on our family farm.  The cattle are corn fed.  They are given NO hormones or antibiotics.  We raise the cattle to a finished weight and process them in our meat locker.

We are proud of the fact that we buy and sell locally- or Ohio-produced products.   It is a pleasure meeting new customers and maintaining relationships with those who visit regularly. We will always strive to provide friendly and quality service to all who enter our doors.

Ready for Custom Processing?

Once your cow or pig arrives, you’ll need to submit a completed cut card.  Save time by downloading so you can print and fill out at home.


Here’s what our customers have to say …

I have been very fortunate and proud to do business with Frobose Meat Locker since 2009 ─ not only supplying beef off my farm but also as a customer. Bob and Ben’s values of “high quality,” “natural” and “local” say it all. Their staff is first rate as they are also the face to my own customers. I trust them completely helping customers through the cutting process with a friendly, customer-first attitude.

Ed BoelkensMillbury, OH

Since first being introduced to Frobose Meat Locker, I have become a believer in their "fresh from the farm to your table" philosophy. Taste the 80-plus flavors of brats, the homemade ham loaf or bologna and you'll discover what I did. There is a difference in the meats at Frobose Meat Locker than what you get processed at the grocery store. And, I can't say enough about the staff. Each time I make the trip to Frobose Meat Locker the staff is prompt, knowledgeable and helpful. Make the next Fred LeFebvre trip to Frobose with me and find out for yourself why Pemberville is so proud of Frobose Meat Locker.


Fred LeFebvreMorning Show Host 1370 WSPD

I buy meat for my family exclusively from Frobose Meat Locker. We generally buy a side of beef and a whole hog annually, along with several cases of chicken. The Frobose name means excellence ─ their quality is superb and their customer service is exceptional!


Chris HuthTiffin, OH

Frobose Meat Market has put Pemberville on the map! Customers come from near and far for their farm to table products. We wouldn't buy our meat anywhere else! Family favorites are bacon, roasts, stuffed chicken and pork chops Their brats are amazing! Frobose set the standard of excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

Terry & Sharon NighPemberville, OH

We live in Norwalk, which is about an hour away, and we started buying meat in bulk from Frobose's about four years ago. 

Through cookouts and word of mouth about the excellence of their product, I now make a monthly meat run to Pemberville and average between 12-16 orders at a time totaling anywhere between $600 to $1200 per trip. 

Everyone raves about Frobose's Meats and are always asking when I am going to make my next trip so they can load up on brats, chicken breasts,  steaks, sausage, etc.

Jim HagemeyerNorwalk, OH

We have been doing business with the Frobose Meat Locker since July 1999. We have never had any complaints about the products they sell. 

The meat is all TOP QUALITY,  and we are treated like family. 

Our extended family (out of state) especially enjoys the homemade jerky and asks for it when we all get together. 

We highly recommend the Frobose Meat Locker.

Philip and Nancy Cribbs Pemberville, OH

Why a Meat Locker?

FML is called meat locker because in our walk in freezer, we have individual lockers for you to rent.  Each locker will hold approximately a quarter of beef.  The lockers have a number and a key lock.  The keys are kept in a safe spot at our business.    We keep your name/address/phone number in a file along with your assigned locker number.  Locker rent is paid on a per month basis.