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Custom Processing

At Frobose Meat Locker, we try to make your order as simple as possible. For your convenience, cutting cards are available on the site or feel free to pick one up at the store. We would be glad to help you fill out the card and place an order to your satisfaction. Your order will be kept on file for reference in the future.

Processing fees as of January 30, 2023, for both beef and pork are available below. All prices are subject to change.

Custom Processing Fees

Please Note: Prices shown are current as of 1/30/23. All prices are subject to change.

*Delayed processing fees MAY be applied if
cutting instructions are not provided in a timely manner
or extended storage time is required in the locker freezer.



Split Side


Single Wrapped Steaks

>5# $0.75/lb (plastic bagged)
<5# $1.00/lb (paper wrapped)


Whole hog

Smoking – whole hog

Half hog

Smoking – half

Bulk Sausage

Sausage in hog casing

Sausage in sheep casing